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RFVenue Diversity Fin Antenna

RFVenue Diversity Fin Antenna
Weight 1.13 lbs
Price: US $399.00

For the best results, typical "paddle" antennas require the user to setup two units spaced apart at a distance determined by the transmitting frequency. Figuring out the proper placement and configuration of Remote antennas on site is a pain, especially when you have no room for multiple stands, and when incorrect placement results in bad audio. For location sound and TV/Film it's one more setup and breakdown to deal with between scenes. Instead of setting up two paddles, setup just one Diversity Fin and get reliable diversity reception without the configuration hassle.

Since the Diversity Fin incorporates two separate antenna elements (LPDA and Dipole) oriented precisely at 90 degrees, the chance of linear cross polarization fades, (i.e. when the microphone or body pack transmitter changes its angle) is dramatically reduced. This results in more consistent, reliable wireless audio without the audio dropouts and "PFFFT!" switching sounds as the diversity receiver switches back and forth between antennas to capture the signal.

The Diversity Fin is tailored for use between 470and 698 MHz in the UHF band, and is compatible with all UHF wireless receivers and combiners on the market. Connection is easy: just grab two low-loss coaxial cables and connect the Diversity Fin to your receiver or combiner antenna inputs, mount on a stand, and you're done!


  • Works with all wireless receivers, 470-698 MHz
  • Perfect for everyday stage, worship, and A/V productions
  • Decrease signal fades, audio dropouts, and static
  • Super strong, water resistant padded nylon cover
  • Both antenna inputs onto one unit, quick and easy setup
  • Fits 1/4-20 Lighting Stands, 3/8-16 EU Mic stands, and 5/8-27 International Mic Stands- no adapters!
Model Number DFIN-1
Operating frequency 468-740 MHz
Bandwidth 272 MHz
Average return loss -9.4 dBm
Impedance 50 Ω
Pattern type Polarization Diversity
Beam width 140
F/B Ratio 8 dB
F/S Ratio 5 dB
Gain 5 dBd
Polarization Vertical
Beam width 100
F/B Ratio 5 dB
F/S Ratio 13 dB
gain 1.8 dBd
Polarization Horizontal
Connector BNC; female (2)
Length 300mm/12 in
Height 370mm/15 in
Weight 454 g/1 lb
Mounting Block 1/4-20, 3/18-16, 5/8-27
Operating temperature -23 -54C/-10-130F
Color Black
Dinkum Fleximount Mic Positioner with Clamp
US $49.45