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MTO Straddlebag

MTO Straddlebag
Weight 0.25 lbs
Price: US $68.00

Here for the first time is a wonderful alternative to metal boxes for mounting wireless receivers on an ENG camera. The StraddleBag will accommodate 2 receivers with an inside netting pocket on each side for heat packs. A Velcro locking cinch strap on the underside snugs the StraddleBag to your choice of brick battery.For additional security a safety strap is available to secure the StraddleBag to the handle. Construction is of rip-stop nylon with workmanship second to none.

The StraddleBag will allow any receiver up to 1 1/16" deep and 3 5/16" wide. This sizing would include all Lectrosonics portable receivers, Sennheiser, Audio Ltd, and the Audio Technica R100 Receiver. A clear paneled pocket displays press info, business cards, i.d., etc.

Available in BLACK only.