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Ambient Quick Release Mic Adapter

Ambient Quick Release Mic Adapter
Weight 0.38 lbs
Price: US $141.00
Ambient Quick Release mic adapter set. Works with all standard boompoles and microphone suspensions. Includes 1 end for boompole and 2 tips for suspensions. Additional pieces may be ordered separately.

Faster mic changes with this ingenious system!
The Ambient "Quicklok" quick release tip for microphone assemblies is the first professional "snap in" connection available which makes a rigid, rattle free joint and has a self-locking and self-locating action. Place one release tip (stub) on each of your rigs for quicker setup times. The complete unit is a robust, precision mechanical assembly. The mechanism can be described as a taperlock where a taper stub (screwed to the microphone assembly) is inserted into a tapered hole (boompole installed) through a butterfly opening which is twisted until the stub falls into place. Removal is by twisting the outer sleeve. The Quicklok fits any 3/8" thread as encountered on all microphone booms.

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