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AKG CK93 Hypercardioid Capsule For Blueline Series

AKG CK93 Hypercardioid Capsule For Blueline Series
Weight 0.25 lbs
Price: US $174.00
The AKG CK93 is a hypercardioid capsule from the AKG Blue Line Series. It mounts directly on the SE300B powering unit and is part of a collection of capsules that includes omni-directional, cardioid, and shotgun capsules. The CK93 has a very consistent polar pattern and excellent off-axis frequency rejection. Similar to the CK91 cardioid, the CK93 provides even greater attenuation of 120 degree off-axis sounds and offers a virtually ruler-flat frequency response for accurate recording. Includes foam windscreen.
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US $249.00
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US $195.00

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