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Remote Audio Drive Mounter System For Zaxcom Deva

The Remote Audio Drive Mounter System adapts notebook-size hard drives to most Deva non-linear digital recorders. It is currently available for the Deva 4, 5, 5.8 and 16 recorders.

Drive Mounter Demonstration Video


  • The Drive Mounter System quickly and easily accommodates hard drive changes while providing an efficient way to employ commonly available hard drives in your Deva recorder.
  • LED power and activity flicker indicators on drive board verfify that your hard drive is receiving power and functioning properly.
  • The Drive Mounter System enables rapid removal and replacement of multiple hard drives for your recorder without need of any tools.
  • The open architecture of the Drive Mounter System allows you quick visual verification of any drive you are using.
  • Hard drives outfitted for the Drive Mounter System can be individually stored until needed in compact, transparent, airtight and waterproof plastic storage cases available in our store.


Drive Mounter System The Remote Audio Drive Mounter System consists of three parts: 1) The Drive Bracket Recorder Adapter which easily installs and stays in the recorder, 2) the Hard Drive Board which accepts your 2.5" notebook hard drive of any capacity, and 3) a Deva Replacement Door with integral light pipes for monitoring drive activity while protecting the inner workings of your recorder.

The recorder adapter with its stainless steel clip latch snaps into position and remains inside the recorder. Your 2.5” laptop hard drive mounts onto the drive board with the four supplied, non-conductive 3mm screws. Once mounted on the board, the hard drive slides into the recorder on the shock-isolating sprung rails of the recorder adapter. The drive board's ejector levers allow easy removal of the hard drive assembly from the recorder whenever necessary.

Only one recorder adapter is needed per recorder regardless of the number of hard drives you use. It is recommended that each hard drive be mounted to its own drive board to expedite swapping drives in the recorder. For example, if you have one recorder and five hard drives, then you would want one recorder adapter and five hard drive boards. However, since a drive easily mounts to a drive board with the four supplied, non-conductive 3mm Phillips screws, it would be feasible in a pinch to replace the drive on a board in less than a minute.


Recorder Adapter Assembly: 0.10 anodized aluminum with stainless steel lever clip latch and non-conductive sprung rails.

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