Jersey Girl Sound Cart

  1. Cameo Digital Mixer (by Zaxcom)
  2. Deva Portable Hard Drive Recorder (by Zaxcom)
  3.  DVD-RAM Drive (Panasonic) and Direct Drive 12VDC Enclosure (Remote Audio)
  4. Display for Cameo Mixer, for Metering, setup, and more.
  5. 16x9 Video Assist monitors
  6. Quad Rack of four UCR205 Receivers (Lectrosonics)
  7. Powered Stereo Speaker Rack (Fostex; 12VDC mod by Remote Audio)
  8. Custom Aluminum Drawer for transmitters, lav mics, etc.
  9. Lectro UM200C 250mW bodypack transmitters (Lectrosonics)
  10. 10) PD-4 DAT Recorder (Fostex)
  11. Digital wireless receiver for wireless boom plug-on transmitter (Zaxcom)
  12. Rearview mirror (Auto Zone)
  13. Magazine Rack
  14. Swivel Casters with good brakes.
  15. Tools, pens, stapler, etc, velcroed to carpeted door.
  16. Mouse for Cameo Mixer
  17. Fold-down desk
  18. Clip board for Sound Reports