Fostex PD-6 DVD RAM Location Recorder

Trew Audio is now officially taking orders for the new DVD RAM PD-6 Location Recorder and expects to ship the first orders in March. This is especially good news for all those who have joined in the long wait for Fostex’s “next generation”.

This 6-channel DVD-RAM recorder will look very familiar to PD-4 owners and includes standard SMPTE time code and an on-board mixer.

Typical features that we have all come to expect are of course included such as "T" pwr, 48 volt phantom, switchable mic/line i/o, tone, monitor return, etc. Also included is adjustable input gain for each channel and phase reverse on the 3 even channels. The characteristics for the digital limiter are variable via software settings.

Through the "Disc Feed" switch you can fix preset levels with your trim pot for recording and use the front level controls for bus mixing. Another choice routes 4 channels to 2 and 5 channels to 1 for guide track recording, creating 2 BWF files simultaneously. Pretty cool!

Powering for the PD-6 is also familiar as everyone’s best friend, the NP-1 battery. Fostex lists 2 hrs as operating time with an NP-1 NiCad battery. If this is the case then 4 hrs should not be out of the ordinary for a 50 watt NiMH IDX NP-H50. The range for the external power is now 12-24 volts for better flexibility.

The DVD-RAM format can be loaded and read instantly on either PC or Mac. 


  • Six track location audio recording
  • Records direct to 8cm DVD-RAM
  • Full function mixer
  • Industry standard BWF file format
  • IEEE1394 Firewire interface
  • Pre-record memory buffer
  • Extensive timecode facilities
  • Rugged, lightweight & proven design

Price: $8500
Call for special package pricing.