Trew Audio Toronto Workflow Sessions

August 17, 2009 at 2:27 pm

Toronto Sound for Workflow Session

This past June our Tyler Wade and his staff at the Trew Audio Toronto store hosted an evening of information and discussion regarding some elements of the Sound for Picture Workflow. Our panel of experts for the evening included Charlie Parra of Denecke, Kyle Kurbegovich of PS Toronto, Julian Daboll of Technicolor, Paul Isaacs of Sound Devices and Glenn Sanders of Zaxcom. Our own Glen Trew led the discussions and introduced the panelists. We recorded the evening and have edited the audio into 5 separate sessions.

Listen to the sessions individually below or via our iTunes Audio Feed.

Session 1

Workflow Introduction and Denecke Slate Discussion
Charlie Parra of Denecke discusses the function and importance of Time Code on set.

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Session 2

RED Camera Technician, Kyle Kurbegovich of PS Toronto brought a RED camera for the evening and discussed its audio needs. He also patiently endured many questions and comments about the camera’s somewhat dubious history from an audio perspective.

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Session 3

Technicolor Toronto’s Julian Daboll provides an in-depth discussion of audio post and illustrates the need for good communication between the sound mixer and post-production before, during and after recording tracks on set.

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Session 4

Paul Isaacs of Sound Devices demonstrates Wave Agent-a free software download from Sound Devices for use in editing and managing metadata for recorded tracks.

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Session 5

Glenn Sanders of Zaxcom shares for the first time his new Zax-Net system of wireless distribution and control for data, time code, and secure signal. He goes on to mention the various products Zaxcom makes and their function in the recording process.

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