The Sanken CSS-5 and the Rycote Four-Point Suspension

October 26, 2001 at 9:31 am

Sanken CSS-5 Mounted in New Rycote M-2 SuspensionThe Sanken CSS-5 Shotgun Stereo Mic can be successfully mounted in the new style Rycote "M-2" modular four point suspension as well as in the less recent non-modular Rycote four point suspension.

There are several keys to the proper setup of the suspension for this microphone. First, a 25mm clip should be used on the front and a 21mm clip on the rear of the mic. The clips must be mounted with the open ends pointing down so that the microphone can be mounted right side up, held securely from above. The thick bands should be used on the top two suspension points while the thin bands are used on the two lower points. When using the M-2 modular suspension, move all four pegs up to points "6" on the top and "3" on the bottom, as shown in this image. This combination bands and pegs manages the weight of the microphone to position it properly.

When using the CSS-5 with the new M-2 modular suspension, removing the lock washers from the two protruding screw heads is recommended for increased clearance between the microphone and suspension frame. A non-hardening friction compound on the screws (available from LockTite) may be desired if the screws tend to loosen without the lock washers.  With this setup, the suspension frame and the microphone will not make contact, even moderately rough operation.