Richard (Rick) Patton – 1943 – 2012

January 12, 2012 at 9:29 pm

Our friend and former Vancouver store manager, Rick Patton, passed away January 10, 2012. We wish his family, friends and fellow sound compatriots fond memories of Rick and solace in his passing.

Rick was born in Nashville, TN and moved to New York and San Francisco while exploring the art and craft of filmmaking. He “embraced the back-to-the-land movement” for a period in the late 60s/early 70s while living in minimalist style on Quadra Island and filming only occasionally. In 1974 he resumed his filmmaking career making Vancouver, BC his home base as he worked on documentaries for the CBC and PBS and dozens of features like “Bird on a Wire,” “Happy Gilmore” and “Seven Years in Tibet.” In 1997 Rick opened Location Sound, Ltd. out of an old storefront in the Chinatown district of Vancouver providing sound gear to his industry buddies old and new. In 2007, Rick’s business was purchased by Trew Audio, and Rick stayed on as Branch Manager– thus expanding his store’s size and offerings to the Vancouver clientele. Rick retired in May of 2010 and focused on his book, “Sound Man” where he delivers his extensive knowledge of location sound woven with sage observations of film production life. Most recently, he had been working with a Buddhist lama on translation of another book.

Kind soul, caring mentor, acute observer, gifted writer, true craftsman and gentle-man armed with a wry wit—we were all lucky to have known Rick. He will be missed but not forgotten.

Rick’s own words and visuals best define him and his intense passion for film production and location sound capture.

Read more of his observations in excerpts from his book, Sound Man”.

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Take a look at many of Rick’s own art films via his Vimeo or YouTube channels.